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Roof Trusses

Dedicated to flat roof repair and the many roofing varieties.

Constructing a roof for a home comprises a few different components. The outer material is important as this provides the roof with its weather proof capabilities as well as an attractive appearance. However the support system for this is also crucial in terms of constructing an effective roof and these days roof trusses are the most common option for this.

While the more traditional ceiling joists and rafters are still used these days they have become less common in roof construction. These days the great majority of properties are built using roof trusses and these provide a simpler and quicker way to erect the roof on a property.

Roof trusses are basically triangular structures most commonly built of wood or steel which are pre-fabricated in a factory and shipped to the property to erect the roof. Prior to fabrication the roof truss is designed taking into consideration the size required, the shape and the loads it will need to carry. They come in a variety of shapes and the style you choose will influence the look of your home both outside and in. A basic roof truss is a triangular shape and this is the style most commonly used, providing the standard pitched roof look for a home. However there are a variety of other styles such as flat trusses for flat roofed properties, vaulted or scissor trusses which provide a vaulted appearance in the interior of a home and a bowstring truss which provides a roof with a more rounded appearance.

There are a number of benefits which can be gained from using roof trusses in constructing a property. One of the main benefits is that they allow the roof on a property to be built much quicker on-site. As most of the fabrication work for the truss is done in a factory, it means that once these are shipped to site the roof of the building can be erected very quickly. This is generally desirable as it closes off the interior of the property from the effects of any bad weather. Cost is another benefit and it is usually more affordable to construct a roof using pre-fabricated trusses than to construct the roof on site. A roof truss can also typically span a wider distance meaning that the rooms in home can be made larger.

When considering roof trusses for a new build or existing property there are a few companies capable of providing these. Universal Forest Products is one of these and they have engineers and professionals that can design and construct roof trusses in a variety of standard and custom shapes. They have locations countrywide and can be a good company to look. Other companies that have roof truss fabricating capabilities include Maple Valley Truss Company and Mclaughlin Roof Trusses.

The roof of a building is one of the most important elements. Using roof trusses to construct this ensures that it can be done quickly and efficiently on-site. A truss can also be fabricated in a wide range of shapes and this means that whatever style you decide on for your home you can install a roof to compliment this.