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Roof Replacement Cost

Dedicated to flat roof repair and the many roofing varieties.

If you’ve run into a situation where the damage to your roof seems irreparable, you may have no choice but to look into roof replacement cost possibilities.

The first thing you’ll want to check, before doing anything else, is whether your roof is under warranty.  While it’s unlikely, some warranties last longer than you’d think and you may want to double check.  Roof replacement cost can run higher than most people care to spend, and anything you could do to avoid it would naturally be a great thing.

Assuming that you can’t, you’ll want to proactively embark on a quest to find the best roof replacement cost.  You’ll want to do this in as speedy a manner as possible, as living underneath a faulty roof is both unpleasant and dangerous.  Unless you’re extremely handy (and brave), the likelihood of you successfully performing DIY roof replacement is extremely low.

Typically, roof replacement costs can average about $5,000 or so per roof.  The size of your roof and the material will be natural factors in determining the pricing structure, but it’s usually an ordeal that ends up costing at least several thousand dollars.

Your new roof cost will usually be measured in price per square foot.  In order to know what you should be prepared to spend, you may want to use a roof replacement cost calculator online that essentially measures up different roofing materials with the size of your roof, calculating the estimate price you’ll end up having to pay for the job.  Keep in mind that labor may not be included in these costs, and you’ll undoubtedly need a professional to install your new roof.

There are a number of different materials that you might be able to choose for the composition of your roof.  One popular choice is EPDM rubber, as it’s generally seen as a low cost option that holds up pretty well.

You can also go with asphalt shingles, though these have a flat look that you may or may not like.  They do happen to be one of the more economical options though.

Another possibility is metal roofing, though this may be harder to come by and will likely end up costing more money than the other options mentioned.

You could also consider slate roofing, which is a surface that many homeowners really enjoy the look and feel of.  However, this may end up costing you a bit more as well.

Now that you know about roof replacement cost, you’ll want to contact a professional organization locally to get the quote.   They may be able to supply the materials, though you might be better off getting them elsewhere.

The job will usually take several days to complete, so you’ll probably want to make arrangements to stay elsewhere while your roof is being replaced.

Now that you have the knowledge you need, begin searching for a roof structure that fits your budget, and the look and feel of your home.

Here’s one last piece of advice that may save you a small chunk of money.  Don’t be afraid to bargain down any quotes that you get.  You’re the buyer, and they want your business!